My name is Katie Webb, and I am the Founder and Interim CEO of Quanta X Technology, the parent company of QuantaDose.com. We are a newly formed Citizens First Bio-defense Technology and Design company based in Seminole, Florida, USA.

Our mission is to create the most innovative quality-of-life solutions by engaging in a multifaceted technology-based non-pharmaceutical pandemic countermeasure within the fields of research, design, manufacture, and sale of photon and proton management solution technologies to mitigate the impacts of epidemics and prevent future pandemics.

It sounds like we took this description straight out of the pages of a science-fiction novel. Still, in fact, our engineers are quantum energy technologists with decades of experience working in the quantum reaction realm.

Photons are the Quanta of electromagnetic fields used in UV-directed energy and FAR-UV germicidal communications. In contrast, Proton’s from within the quantum of matter are used in Nucleophilic Attack Strategies to sanitize and safeguard occupied spaces within military infrastructures, hospitals, shared public areas, transportation systems, homes, and commercial facilities for one of our most technologically advanced defense measures from potentially lethal aerosolized bio-agents.

Our scientific understanding of virus particles outside the body goes unrivaled when compared to historical pandemics of this type, thus giving us a technological advantage unlike any time in history. Quanta X Technology has only one goal to enable everyone in the world to have a technological advantage over a threat a couple of microns in size. Simply put, quanta bullets for micron-sized invaders to regain our territorial advantage.

Quanta X Technology is working endlessly to implement defense strategies using the latest discoveries in human-safe Far-UV LEDs, bulbs, and most exciting Far-UV communications, combined with conventional UVC and other amazing breakthroughs such as Nucleophilic Attack Strategies (NAS Countermeasures) using hydroxylated humidification to regain our territorial advantage for occupied areas in a battle we are out-numbered trillions to one!

Quanta X Technology’s latest 2nd edition UVC test cards, available for purchase online, contain our newest innovations in smart UV reactive analytes for FAR-UV and UVC indicator tests that can help protect the public from bad actors seeking to opportunistically create faulty UV products that make claims of killing the Novel Coronavirus when in actuality, they’re nothing more than very dangerous scams.

We look forward to hearing from you and, more importantly, helping to safeguard your love-ones with the latest technology available and valuable testing information.

Thank you for visiting, and please share our mission with friends and family!


Katie Webb

Founder, Interim CEO

Quanta X Technology LLC


About the Company:

Founded in 2020, Quanta X Technology LLC has acquired a vast pool of engineering and biochemistry expertise, pioneering a world-leadership position in non-pharmaceutical pandemic countermeasures that include germicidal communications research, new innovative Far-UV and UVC intensity testing methods, and the world’s first scalable solution for nucleophilic attack strategies through hydroxylated humidification, Far-UV directed energy and Conventional UVC. The company’s mission is to create the best pandemic and post-pandemic era quality-of-life solutions by engaging in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of photon and proton management technologies that are designed to mitigate the impact of epidemics for future pandemic prevention.