Are you tired of worrying about the potential health risks associated with prolonged cell phone use? Are you looking for a way to take control of your cell phone radiation exposure? Look no further, because Quanta X Technology LLC has the ultimate solution for you: the QuantaCase™ and the RF Safe Score (RSS) algorithm!

Introducing the QuantaCase™, the ultimate anti-radiation phone case that incorporates world-renowned RF Safe® Radiation Shielding Technology. This case is specifically designed to deflect electromagnetic radiation, including 5G frequencies, and is deflected via conductive shielding fabrics in the front cover. But that’s not all! The QuantaCase™ also comes with an exposed RF Safe® notch where an inexpensive Ohm meter can be used to test the conductivity of the microwave barrier between your body and device. Unlike other products that require expensive microwave meters to verify what’s inside, the highly conductive RF Safe® shielding fabric inside the QuantaCase™ is accessible for easy conductivity testing. Plus, the shielding only covers the front of the phone, so it will not interfere with its antenna.

But the QuantaCase™ isn’t just about radiation protection, it’s also a RFID-blocking wallet and a phone viewing stand all in one lightweight and convenient case! The built-in card slot provides RFID theft protection for a credit card, room key, or any RFID remote access card while the phone case is closed. Plus, it protects your phone from cracks, dings, and scratches to keep your phone looking and performing like new.

But wait, there’s more! Quanta X Technology LLC also offers the RF Safe Score (RSS) algorithm, a revolutionary tool that provides individuals with a better understanding of the potential health risks associated with cell phone usage. The algorithm takes into account the well-understood physics of microwave absorption and the thickness of the skull, an aspect that is not considered in current FCC guidelines. The algorithm calculates a point value based on the thresholds of 50%, 72.5%, and 95% of the legal limit of 1.6W/kg, with each threshold representing a .5mm, 1.0mm, and 2.0mm skull thickness, respectively.

When used in conjunction, the RF Safe Score (RSS) algorithm and the QuantaCase™ provide a comprehensive solution for reducing exposure to cell phone radiation. The RSS algorithm allows individuals to make informed decisions about cell phone usage based on the specific SAR levels of their phone and their own unique characteristics, such as skull thickness. The QuantaCase™ provides physical protection against radiation exposure when distance is not practical.

Think about it, the RF Safe Score (RSS) algorithm helps you understand the potential health risks associated with your phone and the QuantaCase™ provides the physical protection you need. Together, they give you the power to make informed decisions about your cell phone usage and take control of your radiation exposure.

Don’t wait any longer, visit the RF Safe website to calculate your RF Safe Score (RSS) and get your hands on the ultimate solution for cell phone radiation protection – the QuantaCase™ today! Protect yourself and your loved ones with the power of science and technology. Say goodbye to radiation worries and hello to the QuantaCase™! Don’t be left behind, join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already made the switch to Quanta X Technology LLC’s innovative solutions.

This product will change your life and give you peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything possible to protect yourself and your loved ones from the potential health risks associated with cell phone use. Order now and experience the benefits for yourself!