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Leading UV Analyte Research

Pandemic countermeasures call for a simple and inexpensive method to determine the concentration of an analyte solution under various types and levels of quantum energy exposures. It can be used for relatively simple analysis, where the type of compound to be analyzed (‘analyte’) has a known reaction to do a quantitative analysis for determining the presence or intensity of UV through a color concentration change in the analyte.

  • Far-UVC – New visualization analyte solutions for new Far-UV human-safe disinfection technology.
  • Validation – Detect UVGI wavelengths within only the UVC spectrum to ensure optimal UVGI wavelengths

  • Invisible Analyte can only be seen under a UVC light source between 222 nm – 275 nm

QuantaDose 2020 Discovery

1,182,500 GHz Quantum Confinement Effect and Molecular Fluorescence in One!

Photochromic Fluorescent Wavelength Indicator UV/UVC Dosimeter separated by color during germicidal UVC exposure (Green) and after UV exposure (Purple).

The two-pigment dispersion glows green under UV light, and reflects visible purple light as soon as germicidal UVC light exposure ends to provide reusable dosimeter color concentration readings after UV exposure.


Please support Quantadose for us to continue development of the next generation UVC detection card with quantum confinement and molecular multi-fluorescence that will show several different colors of fluorescence depending on the wavelength of the UV light (Between 365nm and 200 nm). The example shown will fluorescent Green under UVA at 365 nanometers and Red under 1182.5 THz Germicidal UV at 254 nanometers UVC allowing a for wide-band UV wavelength gauge and wide-band UV dosimeter intensity gauge. Total visualization for a wide-band of UV wavelengths and UV intensity in one. Available September 2020!

  • Full Rang UVC Detection – UVA-UVC Wavelength Color Scale

  • Muti-test Quanta Powered – Light activated word response using Quanta layers spells out different results from same test area.

Future Of QuantaDose Test

When we think about how much things have shrunk in size over the last 30 years we can only imagine how much power you could have at your fingertips within the form factor of a credit card. Quantadose will implement the technology that is possible today for a healthier future tomorrow. The development of a UV/UVC colorimetric dosimeter test card with NFC/RFID capabilities to display digital interpretations of color analysis to your smartphone for more exact and real time reading of color scale intensity is under development.

Discover The Future

We are a multi-disciplinary consortium of companies committed to affordable human safe Far-UVC disinfection solutions and UVC detection technologies.

Currently Under R&D: UVC Colorimetric Dosimeter with Near Field Communication Capabilities