These simple test cards give you what you need to start validating the light output from your UVC light source. It’s not enough to trust the manufacturer’s specifications.  You must verify that the system you’re entrusting the health and well being is doing what it says.

• Verify the wavelength of light being emitted
• Validate the amount of light being emitted
• Confirm the amount of light reaching a surface

These easy-to-use, playing card sized UVC Dosimeters will increase the efficiency of the UV light disinfection processes.

The amount of inactivation is directly proportional to the UVC dose, which is received, and this in turn is the result of its intensity and duration of exposure. The farther away from the light source, the less UVC will reach the target, so only a quarter of the UVC remains when the distance doubles. With an increasing number of fake and defective products on the market, Ultraviolet Dosimeters provide you with real-time results for verification/validation purposes.

The dosimeter uses a specially formulated chemistry or ink that is designed to be sensitive to shortwave ultraviolet radiation (UVC), not visible light or UVA and UVB.  This ensures only germicidal wavelengths are being measured.

There has not been an easy and economical way to prove the UVC process has truly delivered UVC energy to the target until now.