How do I know if germicidal UVC light is being emitted? Easy, the QuantaDose™ UVC Test Card!




QuantaDose™ 2nd Edition UVC test card Is made durable with a standard PVC credit card thickness of 0.76 millimeters (1⁄32 in).

The QuantaDose™ 2nd Edition dual-wavelength multi-strip UVC test card measures UV intensity with a very specialized analyte for wide-band photochromic UV dosimetry combined with a narrow-band short-wave fluorescent indicator for testing optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths.

QuantaDose™ 2nd Edition UVC test cards are a basic, reliable, low cost, simple, in-house, and right out of your pocket method of monitoring UV intensity along with verifying that the optimal UVC germicidal light wavelengths are being used in your disinfection process without spending hundreds of dollars on fragile UV and UVC light meters for simple quick intensity measurements.

QuantaDose™ 2nd Edition provides you with real-time results for super fast verification/validation purposes to avoid an increasing number of fake and defective germicidal UVC light products on the market today.

QuantaDose™ 2nd Edition has created a specially formulated ink chemistry that is sensitive to only optimal germicidal UVC which will not fluoresce to visible light or UVA and UVB. This ensures only germicidal wavelengths between 250-275nm are shown in green.

Top Light Sensor Test Wavelength of UV Exposure: When exposed to optimal UVC germicidal wavelengths, the QuantaDose test card undergoes an instant color change to a green where fluorescence is directly related to the energy value received. Fluorescence stops when excited electrons release all photos within nanoseconds after exposure.

Bottom Light Sensor Test Intensity of UV Exposure: When exposed to UVA, UVB, and UVC wavelengths, the QuantaDose test card undergoes a gradual color change to purple, changing from clear to light purple and dark purple directly related to intensity or the energy value received.  When under germicidal light the word ULTRAVIOLET appears at >300 Microwatt per square meter [µW/cm²].   Photochromic dosimeter color is temporary for checking UV intensity after exposure and should be checked immediately after exposure for the most accurate intensity results.

• Verify the wavelength of light being emitted
• Validate the amount of light being emitted
• Confirm the amount of light reaching a surface

It is very important that BOTH QuantaDose™ indicators have visible color distinction when confirming effective UVGI intensity from consumer-grade UVC products.

The top UVC indicator confirms the correct germicidal wavelengths are present, simultaneously the bottom UVC indicator detects germicidal irradiation intensity with an increased color concentration around the word ULTRAVIOLET.

The bottom UV dosimeter intensity section is reactive to wide-band UV between 200-400 nm capable of detecting UVA/UVB and UVC wavelengths.

QuantaDose™ is easily the most versatile UV/UVC test card in the world!


These easy to use QuantaDose™ UVC Detection Cards give you what you need to start validating UVC light output from your untested UVC light sources. It’s not enough to trust the manufacturer’s specifications.  You must verify that the system of UV-C Light you’re entrusting the health and well-being of your family and loved-ones is functioning as advertised and produces UV light capable of deactivating germs and killing pathogens.