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    QuantaDose discovered a breakthrough in combining molecular fluorescence and the quantum confinement effect for photochromatic Word Power Visibility technology to provide reliable UVC intensity readings in 15 seconds with instant optimal UVC germicidal wavelength notification.  In this process, QuantaDose created the world's very first reusable self-powered 2 in 1 UVC wavelength detector and UV photochromic intensity sensor that fits in your wallet. Save money with this 1st and 2nd edition package and support rapid improvements in UVC detection technologies designed in the USA.
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    QuantaDose™ New Distributor/Partner Sample Evaluation Package QuantaDose™ New Distributor/Partner Sample Evaluation Package
    REQUIRED FDA NOTICE: Photochromic material used for UVC intensity testing should never be used to decide when to apply sunscreen to prevent a medical condition (sunburn) that requires classification as a medical device.  Please consult your doctor for sunscreen advice if you have questions about the sun’s UV intensity measured on your QuantaDose card.  QuantaDose should never be used as a medical device to assist you in when to apply sunscreen.   See fda.gov division tracking general review document number CPT2001438 QuantaDose photochromic material used has hundreds of off label uses, from detecting UV from the sun, UV science projects, detect counterfeit UV rated sunglasses, easily detect fake UV-C LEDs and badly degraded UVC bulbs.  The QuantaDose UVC indicator is useful for reptile owners that purchase UV lights for their pets to ensure a harmful light isn’t being used on them while still testing the bulb intensity levels.  You can even test what you think might be shaded from the sun’s UV rays by simply pulling out the QuantaDose card.  Did you pay to have your windows in your car and home shielded from the sun’s UV?  QuantaDose makes it easy to see if you got what you paid for! However, please don’t lose sight of the most important reason the QuantaDose WAS created — to be a consumer’s front-line defense tool to ensure they use real UVC over the fake UVC products flooding online marketplaces today!  QuantaDose is a versatile UVC test card with a wide-band photochromic test area that provides lots of useful information about these potentially harmful invisible rays of ultraviolet light.  The QuantaDose UVC test card has only one intended use; this is a two-part UVC test to verify UVC wavelength and easily visualize a minimum UVC power intensity in seconds.  


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