specs-Far-uvc-Quantalamp-b-series-FirstUVC-24V-Far-UV-222nm-20-watt-Excimer-far-uvc-222nm-20-watt-Lamp-f28-24v-dcAn innovation of FAR-UVC, the Faruv.lighting FIRST UVC 222nm B-Series Open Source Module kit is a combination of Excimer lamp, optical band-pass filter with aluminum alloy housing where it was ideally designed and offered so anyone can then adapt and integrate Far-Uv with your own devices.
  1. ● Safety Filter technology (Narrowband 222nm Emission)
  2. ● ZERO Mercury – Environment Friendly
  3. ● Peak wavelength 222nm
  4. ● Minimal Ozone Emission
  5. ● 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores.
  6. ● Higher UV output
  7. ● Mass production Capacity
  8. The idea is that FIRSTUVC offers a kit of B-Series module “B1-5W/ B2-15W / B3-20W” which anyone can then adapt and integrate whatever they like.
    Model - B1-5W / B2-15W / B3-20W
The featured B-Series module contains highly efficient 222nm Excimer lamps and a safety filter that eliminates dangerous longer wavelengths of more than 230nm. The B-Series module feature is a powerful solution for occupied and unoccupied areas. B-Series module equipped with an expected lifespan of 3,000-10,000 hours, the Excimer light emits a flood beam pattern and is replaceable. The housing on this unit is constructed of aluminum alloy for durability. B-Series module being safe for use in occupied areas, instant-on power, mercury-free, higher UV output, and low heat output make Far-UVC Excimer lamps the preferred choice for UV sanitation and disinfecting applications